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We'll repair your wheels to look new again!

At BTI Wheels, we'll help repair, straighten, weld, and re-sleeve your wheels! From factory to aftermarket wheels, we'll make your wheels look brand new again and refinish the surrounding area to match your vehicle. Call us at 801-747-0566 to schedule an appointment today!

• Straightening

• Welding

• Refinishing

• Customizing

Wheel repair services

No matter what job we do for you, you'll get the same quality workmanship! For the very best in wheel repairs and installation, call BTI Wheels at 801-747-0566 today!

We Offer Free Estimates for All Our Services!


Wheel Repair New Wheel

We love to make our customer’s factory wheels look original and different. If you’re looking for factory wheels, but don’t want to purchase aftermarket wheels, contact us. We also provide restoring service for your vehicle and bring that extra bling for the wheels. Let’s make your factory wheels pretty amazing!

We can expedite custom machining too



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