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BTI Wheels has been providing quality wheel service to customers throughout the Salt Lake City, UT area for more than a decade. Our company specializes in used factory aluminum wheel sales, as well as wheel repair, welding, straightening, and painting.

We're dedicated to providing and repairing OEM and aftermarket wheels that combine quality products and services with value pricing. It is our desire to establish positive relationships with our customers, employees, and suppliers.


In a market driven by consumer demand, BTI Wheels strives to supply you with products and services that fulfill your needs. Continual review, improvement, and innovation of current techniques in the market ensure our future success.


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  • While it may be tempting to replace each tire as needed, it's best to buy a new set or replace a set at the same time so that wear is even.

  • Don't forget to check your spare. Even if not used, a tire can wear out over time.

  • Allow about 500 miles to break in a new set of wheels before getting back into more challenging driving habits.

  • Rotate your tires every time you check your oil to maximize the lifespan of each tire.

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